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The sun shined brightly in Death City. Maka was putting her hair up in pigtails like every other morning. The bright light poured into the room from the neat window. Her room was clean and tidy, but the covers on her bed folded over, and a large lump still rested in the bed.

Soul Eater still lied in bed. Maka could hear the deep sound of his sleep filled breath. Today was an obvious lazy day; Maka had planned on going for a walk, due to the sense of today being a beautiful day. But then a loud thud sounded against the front door, sending the loud, heavy sound through the whole house.

Maka stood to her feet to go answer the door, but turned to see Soul groan and roll out of bed, dragging all the covers off with him as he hit the floor with a heavy thud. Then Soul sat up and threw the covers off. Maka chuckled as Soul stood up, only boxers and a plain white t-shirt on his body.

"What is that? What happened?" Soul mumbled drowsily.

Maka rolled her eyes and smiled, "Someone is at the door, I'll get it, and you better get dressed."

Soul nodded tiredly and walked towards his dresser. The knocking sounded off again, demanding to be answered.

Sighing, Maka headed to the door. Another loud thud sounded from the other side of the door. Acting quickly, Maka wrapped her hands around the doorknob. But the door was ripped open from the other side.

"You need to come to the DWMA right now!" Black*Star shouted.

Maka rolled her eyes once again. "Why Black*Star, did you break something?"

"No! There's a problem! Everyone is there, and there's a witch in the school!"

"A witch?" Maka could feel Soul behind her as he spoke, leaning over her shoulder and curling up the corner of his lip. "Why would a witch be in the DWMA?"

Black*Star shrugged, "That's why we have to go! Come on! Hurry!"

Without hesitation, Maka and Soul fallowed Black*Star back to the DWMA, where students stood outside the DWMA doors. Maka, Soul, and Black*Star pushed their way through the crowd an inside the DWMA.

The moment they entered they could hear deep, male screams. Yells of anger, maybe pain.

Maka glanced at Soul only a moment. It was as if the glance was enough said, and he changed into his weapon form. The long, dark pole slide into her gloved hands easily. The long bar stretching out and ready to strike. With long strides, fast strides, and with Black*Star at their side, they raced towards the sound.

Only moments later did they end up to the entrance of the Death Room. They obviously weren't the first ones there either. Death the Kid, Liz, Patty, Spirit, and Franken Stein were already standing at the door.

"Took you guys long enough," remarked Kid, crossing his arms across his chest, not drawing his eyes away from the door.

Soul removed himself from Maka's hands and turned human. Soul looked a bit confused. Maka wasn't surprised to see that he hadn't gotten fully dressed, that he had just tossed on a pair of red skinny jeans. The white t-shirt still clung to his chest. "Who screamed? Was it you Kid?" Soul's voice asked tauntingly.

Kid didn't look a bit amused, "It came from inside the Death Room."

Maka spoke now, "Whose all in there?"

Kid shrugged, but Maka's father, Spirit, answered. "Only people in there are Lord Death and the witch."

"So it's true, there's a witch in the school?" Soul questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"I told you there was!" Black*Star shouted at Soul, a smug smile across his face.

Stein nodded, "The witch's name is Feliness. She walked right in and into the Death Room."

"Then how did everyone know she was here?" Maka asked, confusion pulling down the corners of her mouth.

"She didn't have on a soul guard" Stein answered, stuffing his hands into his lab coat pockets.

"Why would a witch come into Death City, into the DWMA, with no soul guard?" Soul pondered over his own question, but Kid beat him to the punch line.

"Because she knew she was safe."

Before anyone else could question any farther, a scream shred through the still air. It was obvious to Maka at this point that it was coming
inside the Death Room. Maka saw Kid tense, and then clenched his fist. "That's it! We have to go in there!"

"I'm on the same page as you," Liz spoke, looking at the Death Room's tall door.

"Me too!" Patty called happily, pumping one of her fist into the air.

"We're coming too," Maka took a step forward as Kid went to open the door.

"Fine," Kid spoke, luckily he didn't sound too irritated.

"What about you Black*Star?" Soul asked, turning towards his friend with a raise in his eyebrow.

"Can't, I have to go meet up with Tsubaki, we were supposed to leave already but I sensed the witch and came and got you guys..." Black*Star stated, a bit of shame hidden in his over exaggerated, full of himself voice. With a curt nod from Soul, Black*Star turned and left.

"Let's hurry," Kid broke in with a nod towards the door.

Maka nodded and fallowed Kid inside the Death Room. Soul Eater stood close behind Maka. From the corner of her eye, she watched as Stein and Spirit still stood outside the room, obviously not attending the event that waited inside.

Once they entered the center of the room they could see Shinigami's tall, black figure pacing back and forth. Next to him stood a tall woman with a smooth, beautiful face and long, purple hair that flowed down almost to the floor.

The witch had on a blue witch hat with a red band around it, which held a small amount of objects against the hat. Her dress matched the deep blue of the hat, it was long and the ends twisted into thick, odd spins. The top half of her dress was opened up, which Maka figured was to help hold in her oversized breast.

As they came in, Lord Death didn't even seem to notice as they came in. Which was unusual since you could only enter and leave under his own wish. His voice bounced off the walls of the room and pervaded everyone's ears. Shinigami-Sama's voice as deep as it had been before he opened the school.

"You can't just go around making me like this! You're suppressing my powers by doing that!" Shinigami shouted into the witches face through his mask.

The witch stood there, static. Emotion was one thing that didn't show on her face. Yet even from the short distance, Maka swore she saw a twitch of sadness in her yellow eyes. "I already told you I didn't do this on purpose."

"Bullshit! I know you Feliness, you have full control of your magic, this is just some dumb excuse to-" Shinigami started, his presence seemed to be getting more angry, his voice was so, intimidating.

"Father, what is going on?" Kid interrupted his father's rage, and all anger seemed to melt from Shinigami as he turned to face Kid.

"Nothing, nothing at all is wrong Kid, Feliness was just Leaving." Shinigami-Sama spoke fast, his voice high and childlike once again.

"I am not! You need to listen to me Shinigami! Something evil is taking over our world! We have to act now before it's too late! Someone else made you human, I promise!" Feliness begged, and Maka watched as her brow curled with worry.

"That's ENOUGH!" Shinigami-Sama shouted once more, his voice turning deep and angry once again. Pounding around the empty, huge room.

"Father, how about you explain what she's talking about." Kid's voice was flat, but frustration was visible in his yellow eyes.

Feliness straightened and smiled at Kid, "Look how much he's grown… And so much more reasonable that you Shinigami!" Twisting her head towards Shinigami so the last bit twisted around inside of him.

Shinigami turned to look at her, but his mask fell off and smashed onto the floor. A gasp escaped Maka's lips.

Where the mask used to rest, was now a face.  Pale skin covered the adult form of a Kid shaped face. Black hair rolled over the forehead in a messy tangle. Red eyes with a dark swirl inside looked out at them.

Maka had never seen his face before. To be honest, she never thought there was a face under there. Especially due to the fact that a few holes had been blasted through and he was still alive today. Yet glancing over at Kid, Maka soon saw that he was surprised too. Death the Kid, Lord Death's own son, should have seen his own father's face before… unless.

"What is going on?" Kid took a step forward, confusion spread over his usually tight face.

Shinigami opened his mouth to speak but the witch stepped forward. "Dear child, your father was once human. My magic turned him into the creature he has been for many years, however something evil had drained all my magic and the rest of it is out of my control."

"How strong is your magic?" Soul asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Very powerful on most days, though the majority of it is used for others," She paused as if to mull it over, "Arachne is my daughter, her power is less than my own.

Maka could feel the surprise show on her face. Remembering the incident with Arachne which was almost a year back. When she had gotten Asura on her side and helped release the madness. However her fate and been sealed when Asura fatally ended her life.

"My power is unstable, so I have to speak quickly, there is a powerful evil on it's way, taking over the bodies of the dead and provading through our world. If we don't hurry we'll-" Suddenly Feliness vanished in a bright light. And not until it vanished did Maka realize that it had swallowed Lord Death too.

"Dad!" Kid ran towards the spot where Lord Shinigami had been standing. Maka looked to see that a small ball of light rested on the floor. Before anyone could respond, Patty lept forward and tried to catch it. The little ball of light must have caught air from the movement for it floated right towards Maka and Soul.

Maka watched, and slowly backed up from it, but before she could get fully out of the way, it collided with her skin. The spot felt cold, and soon, it bursts to surround her and Soul. Blinding Maka with the vivid light.

"Are you alright?"

Maka slowly opened her eyes to find herself clenched to Soul's chest. Her face even barried deep in the fabric of his shirt. When she looked up,. she could feel her face grow at the sight of the smug look on Soul's face. As a response, she quickly pushed him away.

"Yeah, just fine."

Soul rolled his eyes. Maka finally bothered to look around. They were somewhere in Death City, however Maka couldn't locate where exactly.

"Let's just go home," Soul sounded annoyed as he turned away from Maka. Then he paused. "Hey, theres someone over there."

Maka followed Soul's gaze and her eyes latched onto the distant figure. From where they stood, it looked male. It was walking down the corner of the street, heading away from Soul and Maka.

"Over here!" Soul shouted over at the man.

The figure turned slowly and began to walk closer towards Maka and Soul. He walked towards them. Soon it was close enough for Maka to make out his atire. A white shirt and lone, black jeans. The white shirt had some red design on the upper right corner...

"Walk any slower? What part of Death City are we in, this seems unfamiliar!" Soul shouted louder, cupping his hands around his mouth.

Maka's eyes were drawn towards the odd red pattern in the corner. It was like it was... wet.

"Man, answer me, where's the DWMA?"

Maka watched the man. He walked in an almost limp like way. Maka had also thought they should be able to see his pupils... but his eyes were a sickening white with a dull yellow around the edges. Then her eyes tore back to the red, and suddenly horror struck her as she realized what it really was.

"Soul, theres a huge hole in his neck, he's covered in blood." Maka spoke over to Soul, she took a step away.

"Yeah, well he's almost here."

Maka watched nervously as the thing walked closer, no less than a foot away. It's teeth were stained with red and its mouth opened in a gaping hole. The wound on the throat looked more torn than a hole.

Then it got closer to Soul, who had obviously seen the same concerning things as Maka. Then the thing Lunged for Soul, finally moving fast.

Soul jumped back, barely evading it's outstretched hands. Then Soul flipped out a kick, smacking it in the head. His boot crushing into it's skull with a sickening crunch and it fell back.

Soul still looked disgusted. "That should knock him out for a while."

Maka nodded but turned to see the man twist and gurgle as he crawled towards the two of them. Outstretching it's hands towards Maka's legs. With a scream, she kicked it into it's head once more. This time, she could feel the skull go from under her foot.

"Is it dead?" Soul asked, craning his head towards the mess.

"I hope so!" Maka choked out, clutching herself in her arms.

"Well I got some disappointing news," Soul said, grabbing Maka's wrist.

Maka looked up at Soul's face, "What?"

"We'll. it looks like he wasn't alone."

Maka followed Soul's gaze and saw the horde of at least 30.

"Let's get out of here." Soul said, running in the opposite direction and pulling Maka along with him.

They raced as fast as they could. Dodging obstacles that stood in the road that blocked a straight walk. As they raced past a huge amount of torn rubble, Maka miss timed one of her fast paced steps and smashed her leg into a large heavy piece of concrete. The impact sent her hitting the hard road. Skidding her elbows and knees as they hit the ground first.

"Maka!" Soul stopped as quickly as he could and turned around to help Maka up.

Maka grabbed his hand and pulled herself to her feet. But the moment she stood upon the foot, the pain caused her to collapse on back onto her knees.In distress, Maka turned her head back, only to see the huge horde was only a few feet away. She must have been down longer than she originally thought.

"I think it's twisted," She called up to Soul, panicked.

"No duh," He called back, and with a very small amount of options, he scooped Maka into his arms and took a quick right, using his elbow to force his way into a large warehouse. Forcing the door open with his shoulder.
This is the first chapter to my Soul Eater fan fiction that has evil blood thirsty gut eating zombies. The story switches from third person to another person. For example this one fallows Maka, but another will fallow Kid, Black*Star, and so on.

This story also contains couples and will get gorier. Crazier too. Let's just say, it get's crazy in every way.

CH2: :iconzombieplz:
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